The Business of the Casino Apps

Casino Apps

Brick-and-mortar casino is a business.

Online casino is a business.

Mobile casino is a business.

One of these three is not a casino. If you said it’s the last one, you are correct.

Not to take anything away from it. The way things are going, I would not be surprised one bit if mobile casinos would overtake real casinos in revenue.

So, what kind of a business is a mobile casino?

A good one.

How Mobile Casinos Work

 Mobile CasinosGoogle Play, Apple Store, Facebook neither of those platforms allow real money gambling. So, the mobile casinos have built a proverbial Las Vegas out of small in-app purchases for virtual coins.

Not Bitcoin, which is virtual, but also very real. No. Virtual as in fake, worthless, game currency.

On most apps, in-game purchases range from $1 to $200, but rack up hundreds of millions of dollars in profits for the app owners.

You have to admit, it’s kind of amazing. And it gets even better.

No Fail Business

There is a lot that can go wrong for any business. But given the nature of the business that is mobile casinos, it’s pretty safe to call them fail-free.

Like I said in the introduction, it’s not a casino. It is an entertainment app that has casino-like games. Meaning that it doesn’t need a license to operate, to check with third-party auditors about game fairness, etc.

A casino MUST have all of that. Despite the loopholes, even minor deviations from payout ratios or unlawful operations could be catastrophic for the business.

Worth the Investment?

There are already massive networks that hold the vast majority of the market share.

It would appear that owning one 100-million-player app is an unmatched success, right? But Playtika, the operator of the hit app Slotomania, is also the owner of WSOP, House of Fun, Caesar’s Casino and a couple of more apps that are rising in popularity.

House of Fun screenshot

What does it mean for investors?

The market has been stabilized now, so you’re safe from big swings. But making money with a new app can be extremely hard.

It is worth looking at opportunities, for sure. Just be careful with unestablished, stand-alone apps. On the other hand, if you get one right in the early stages, you’d be set.

Playing Slots Make you Money (No, Seriously)

Slots Make Money

I know, it’s a big promise. But hear me out.

In its basic form, pull-spin-repeat, slots are one of the worst ways to play IF you have any hope of winning. It may be decent type of entertainment, but it is hardly an investment.

But for someone meticulous, patient, and careful, there is a way of making money on slots. A lot of money.

Negative for All or for Everyone Else

There is some confusion regarding the expectation you should have playing slots. It is true that slots is a negative expectation game. Every slot machine you play is required to give a percentage of what it gets back. But it’s not 100 percent. Usually, it’s not even 95 percent on the online slots. On brick-and-mortar slots it’s even lower.

Which means that no matter what your bankroll says, theoretically you lose with every spin.

But that’s it. It’s theoretical. Just because it’s negative expectation for everyone else, doesn’t mean it must be negative expectation for you.

You CAN be careful. You CAN use various special offers. You CAN leave while you’re up.

How do you do it?

Play for Free, Take the Money, Move On

Play for Free slotsIf you play for a long time, you will lose. That’s just how it is.

So, you can win if you make your sessions short. You win by thinking about it and by setting limits on your every action.

  1. You only use free spins and no deposit bonuses.
  2. If you are up $100 (set your own amount), you leave before you hit a downswing.
  3. If free spins don’t produce anything, you don’t take it to heart and move to another bonus.

For example, you join a casino. Use their promo code or special link (whatever they have) and get yourself some kind of a free bonus.

You play not to try games or relax.

You play to withdraw.

If you must play the bonus 15 times. Fine. Do it. If you’re up by then, you make a deposit (you will be required to), withdraw and move on to the next casino.

You may not become a millionaire this way (who knows?), but it you want to learn how slots work and build a small bankroll for yourself, it’s a pretty safe way to do that.

Four Low-Cost Online Business Opportunities

Low Cost Online Business

Oh, who of us hasn’t dreamt of investing in Apple in the 80s. Or at least the 90s.Or whenever! Life would be so much simpler.

Instead, you have to work in your day job, or build your own business.

That’s why today we want to encourage you to become a little bit more proactive. To start looking for opportunities and grabbing them.

Start a Freelance Business

Entrepreneurs hate examples of businesses where you exchange time for money. But you must start somewhere. And what if it’s really, really good money for doing something already know how to do?

You can find dozens of sites online with job ads specifically looking for a remote worker. At first the pay may not be spectacular, but if you get good at your craft and keep a good work ethic, you may be earning thousands of dollars every month.

Affiliate Marketing

social casinos Facebook SearchThe traditional way of going into the affiliate marketing is sticking to something you already know. Potential problems may be caused by a dying out trend.

Instead, you can go extremely deep into a niche (spearfishing gear), or jump on a rising trend. This might be something like a social casino affiliation. Facebook/mobile casinos have been blowing up, and collecting some nice profits.

Though low cost, it requires some effort. But then only sky’s the limit.

Garage sales to eBay

If you haven’t heard who Gary Vaynerchuk is, google him.

Gary Vaynerchuk Google Search

In any case, he’s been encouraging everyone to stop overthinking stuff and get on it. As a prime example, he films himself going to garages sales, picking stuff up on the cheap and then 3x-ing it on eBay and Craigslist.

If you’re interested, join his challenge and see how much you can make over a weekend.


Remarkably, now everyone can start an online shop. No need to have piles of products stored in your basement.

The learning curve is a bit steeper than selling stuff on eBay but the scaling potential is amazing.

If you are not if a huge rush to make money, you can find a million of free resources on how to start making money via dropshipping.

Risks of electronic payments

In recent years, the cases of electronic attacks from hackers have become increasingly common to the public. This is a typical manifestation of cybercrime.

“White-collar” criminal activity leads to significant losses of legal entities and individuals affected by the theft of funds from their bank accounts, as well as users of electronic payment systems. We will try to understand whether the Internet can become a safe transactional environment, and if so, what is needed for this.

What are the risks in the field of electronic payments?

In known classifications, the risk of loss of liquidity (ie, the risk of the issuer’s failure to fulfill its obligations as a result of the insufficiency of its assets) is identified among the risks of electronic payments, 1 the credit risk (the risk of receiving losses due to default by third parties – participating banks, settlement banks and other), legal risk (as a result of legal actions or events), operational risk (the risk of loss as a result of deficiencies in the organization of the system or abuse of persons having access to n to the system), the risk of loss of control as a result of loss of control over the direction of one of the above risks. Experts of the Bank for International Settlements also have reputational, interest and market risks.

However, increasingly (not always justified) in the category of “operational risk” (sometimes as an independent object) postulates the presence of specific risks that are of an independent nature and do not fit into any of the above categories. This is, for example, the risk of loss of personal data of an electronic money user, the risk of breaking an electronic wallet, the risk of losing data or money due to a system failure, the risk of theft of customer data carried out through hacker attacks on a customer, bank, store or servicing processing center , the risk of chargebacks (customer requirements, including unfair, to the store for the return of funds placed through the servicing bank), etc.

It is time to talk about the emergence of a new separate category of risks of electronic money and electronic payments – the risks associated with the security of transactions.

An effective electronic payment system (EDS), according to the classic definition of R. Siefers (1997), is an EPS that can instantly confirm a transaction, allows counterparties to directly exchange information and values ​​without involving a third party while inside a secure transaction environment .

Safety EPS has six basic levels

  • identification – representation of all participants in the transaction, who have rights and obligations arising from it;
  • authentication – the verification process to ensure that both parties to the transaction are those for whom they issue themselves;
  • authorization – indication of the initiator of the transaction;
  • trust – the belief that no one has access to data that is not functionally necessary;
  • confidence in the integrity and completeness of the transmitted data during the transaction;
  • the guarantee of the client’s non-refund from the payment and solvency of the client.

Some experts highlight the group of requirements for privacy.

Let’s analyze whether there is currently adequate security for electronic transactions.

As the security risk of payments became their main problem

According to the VTsIOM poll (fall 2011), Internet users account for 49% of Russians, but only 29% of them have shopping experience on the Web. The most demanded goods are clothes and footwear (9% of those polled bought such goods). In the top five most popular online purchases were also items of electronics, books (along with magazines, video and audio discs, computer games), rail and air tickets and vouchers (7% each), as well as small household appliances (6%).

In this case, according to the report of Symantec (summer 2011), the losses from cybercrime in the world are $ 114 billion per year. In 2010, from the actions of hackers and Internet scammers suffered 431 million people. The number of victims of cybercriminals on the Internet exceeded the number of victims from criminals in real life by three times.

Only in the first half of 2011, such companies as Google, Sony, EMC were attacked by hackers. In our country, a lot of noise has been done by DDoS-attack on the popular Internet resource “LiveJournal”.

According to a study by Trusteer (Fall 2009), worldwide 0.47% of bank customers are victims of phishing attacks every year that is $ 2.4-9.4 million in annual losses for every million online banking customers. According to the author, for our country the percentage of victims of cybercrime is 4-5 times higher than this figure.

According to ESET, today 95% of Trojan programs are directed to bank accounts. And in 2010, cybercriminals earned about 2.5 billion euros in Russia, 36% of the world’s earnings of cyber-frauds for the year.

The scale of the phenomenon brings to the fore the problem of developing a risk management system related to remote banking, with electronic payments, including those carried out using the Internet.

What “weak spots” most often uses cybercrime

A typical problem with payment on the Internet is an attempt to intercept data during a transaction or to steal information from a database. At the same time, there were practically no hacking of databases of processing companies. This is largely due to the fact that all these companies necessarily use one of four PCI DSS1 levels. But DDoS-attacks, interruption of service due to attacks on the networks of financial institutions and large corporations have repeatedly occurred.

The most common form of fraud – phishing – is aimed at gaining access to confidential user data – logins and passwords. This is achieved through mass mailings of emails and personal messages on behalf of popular brands, banks or social networks. Fishers are trying to fraudulently make a user visit a fake site and enter on it their confidential data, which allows fraudsters to access his accounts. We also practice wishing (phishing phishing) – then instead of a fake site, an allegedly bank-based phone number is used.

The very term “phishing” is known since 1996. The first known attempt to capture EPS accounts in order to gain access to financial data of customers was the attack on the e-gold payment system in June 2001. And by 2004, phishing had become the main cyber threat for legal persons. Today, the target of phishers is the customers of banks and EPS. By 2008, the number of victims of phishing in the US increased to 5 million.

According to the statistics of Group-IB, the schemes of attacks from Internet fraudsters are presented in several standard versions of the attack on the key of the electronic digital signature (hereinafter – the user’s EDS) (the key is copied from the unprotected storage (flash drive, hard disk, etc. – 70% (5%), the attack on the cryptographic capabilities of the token (15%), the actions of the internal malefactor on the client’s side (the insider is 10%), the substitution of the document at the time of signing the EDS (less than 1% of the thefts ).

There is a serious risk to the use of bank cards on the Web, for example when you are getting 30 free spins no deposit but still need to give your bank details to get the winnings to your account. If the gaming platform you use is not trustworthy, your bank account can be charged a lot more than you expect. Also, it is possible even in offline world in the form of operations like MOTO (mail order telephone order). Anyone who has learned the number of your card can pay with your money in almost any Internet service. The details of your card can be stolen when and wherever. They are stolen directly in banks or shops (hacking databases hacking, firing a store employee or bank or his direct collusion with intruders). The waiter of the restaurant or bar, who took a couple of minutes to rent your card, can rewrite its requisites. Finally, in order to steal props, it is enough to spy on them, standing next to the owner of a credit card near the ATM or in the store.

Viral Trends and their Effects on Quick Earning Economy

It’s crazy how interconnected we are today. I am not even talking about the usual suspects – the social media. But being born in ex-Soviet Union, I still remember when a Hollywood movie would reach us only in two or three years.

Now, however, a viral YouTube video or a toy that helps with stress, a fidget spinner not only has the power to take over the world overnight, but have an impact on worldwide economy.

Here’s the proof.

Way to make quick money

A fidget spinner can cost anywhere from $5 to $15, however we learned not to put caps on prices since after Kanye West’s $120 plain white T-shirt sold out.

But going back to viral trends, smart marketers catching these waves may earn fortunes via drop shipping methods that don’t require you to ever have the product. Say, hypothetically, you live in a third-world country where $100-$200 gets you by a whole month.

If you catch a viral wave, such as with fidget spinners, 20 units sold could earn you a whole month of expenses in a day. These toys were introduced in February, so in 7 months you could have sold over 4,000 units worth around $35,000-$42,000. With that money you could create a business and employ half of the town.

Of course, these are just rough numbers. Current estimate of fidget spinner units sold is 300,000, so 4,000 doesn’t seem that unlikely. On the contrary, the potential is much higher.

Hopefully you understand how much potential power to singlehandedly turn around economies is in everyone’s hands right now. Drop shipping and affiliate marketing are just two remote ways how without a business address or a product of your own, or even talking with the supplier, you could be earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every month.

And these models won’t replace how traditional economy works. The product still has to be created. But nowadays a lot of emphasis is put on the way the product finds its way to the consumer rather putting it on the shelf and waiting for it to get noticed.

Should you?

It may seem like a crazy question. If there is a way, why shouldn’t you? The problem with these quick trends is that they finish fast. While you don’t risk much, you may spend lots of time for practically nothing. To earn your share, you have to build a website and promote it. People need to find you while the trend is on the rise, while hundreds of your competitors are also trying to get the audience’s attention. That’s what I don’t recommend chasing every trend you see on Twitter. But being smart and observant, slowly focusing on a couple of niches – that’s a much more viable option that could actually be worth your time.

5 Medium-Risk, High-Reward Ways To Make Money

If you want your money to work for you and continuously earn dividends, you need to put it to good use. Stocks, long-term bonds, 401k, etc. That’s all good. If anyone is willing to find out more, Google will tell them everything they want to know.

However, what if you don’t want to wait 40 years to reap profits? What if you are willing to take a risk? In that case, we have 3 slightly-higher risk ways to earn some extra cash fast.


You have probably heard by now about the bitcoin success. Just imagine, if you have bought $100 worth of Bitcoin when it was launched, you could now have millions. Fortunately, Bitcoin has plenty of competition.

Here is what you should know. If you do have some extra money, but don’t really want to get into cryptocurrency, pick one that is cheap, buy and forget or have some fun.. The technology is still being developed and as a result, one thing you need the most is patience. Bitcoin has tanked a few times and still came out as a hugely successful currency.

Chances are anything like Litecoin that follows will not be as successful but buying cheap, selling for profit still could be an option.

Buy websites

Nowadays, everyone wants to have their own online business or a personal website. Understandable in a world where YouTubers are millionaires and strategies like drop-shipping allow making money without a product, even on Day 1.

You could be doing that, or could buy and sell domains and ready-for-you websites. All you need is some basic coding skills. If you don’t know how to start selling, try making an account at and offer websites.

However, there is a slight risk that no one will want to buy your website. Worst case scenario, you you’re stuck with that website for a couple of months. Think of it like car flipping. Websites just are cheaper and easier to get. Work on it. Improve backlinks, get some traffic in. Sonner or later, someone will want to buy it.

Online gaming

If you like online games, you have a lot to choose from. You can play, collect rare items and sell them to other players, you can play in competitive tournaments, or, if you are over 18, you can make money playing poker, casino and betting on sports.

As I mentioned, there is a some risk here as well. But there is a way to minimize it. For example, you can diversify your gaming – practice poker, play jackpot slots and follow established tipsters for better sports betting results. Making a first deposit of $500 would cover you for a long time (in terms of $5 buy-in poker tournaments, $5-$10 sports bets and up to $0.50 per spin slots. That’s an example if one operator offers all three games. Visit:, it has several examples of these kinds of sites, like

Luck is always a factor but diversifying your bets will help you keep your deposit even in times of a downswing.


In the end of the day, we all just want little less stressful life. Making sure you are stable financially is the train that will take you to the happy town the quickest. Try out methods and let us know what you think.

The Top 5 banks in Europe

When it comes to company ratings, there are two factors that are to be considered. The factors are:

  1. The total assets of the company
  2. The market capitalization of the company.

Although there are other ranking criteria used by other ranking companies, this article would focus mainly on the above listed factors.

Starting with the total asset, the total assets can be defined as the sum of the banks liability and the stockholder’s equity. In mathematical terms, this is:

Assets = Liabilities + Stockholder equity

This may sound a little too technical for the non-accounting folks reading this and so I will break the definition down into simpler bits.

Liabilities can be thought of as the money leaving the company, simply put, money the company owes. Examples of liabilities are rents, debts and utilities (such as the power and gas bill).

The stockholder equity is the amount of money allowed to be shared among its investors if the company decides to shut down and pay off all liabilities.

Hence, you can see that the asset is all of the money owned by the company. In this case all the prosperity owned by the bank.

And so to the ranking of the top 5 banks as ranked by the Company’s total assets.

Bank COUNTRY Total assets in trillion U.S dollars
1. HSBC Holdings UK 2.608
2. BNP Paribas FRANCE 2.417
3. Deutsche Bank GERMANY 2.006
4. Credit Agricole Group FRANCE 1.970
5. Barclays PLC UK 1.819

The ranking and the data therein is provided by Statista.

Secondly, the ranking by market capitalization. The marketing capitalization is the total value of the banks outstanding shares. Outstanding shares are shares currently owned by stockholders, public investors and company officials. The value of the outstanding shares does not include shares repurchased by another company.

Mathematically, the value of market capitalization (market cap) is:

Market capitalization = Number of Outstanding shares * Price per share

The market cap is a symbol of brand equity and so a good basis for ranking the banks.

Hence, the ranking of the top 5 banks as ranked by company’s Market Cap is:


HSBC Bank PLC with a Market Cap. of $131.93 Billion and total assets size of $2.608 Trillion leads the ranking in the number one position. HSBC Bank was founded in the year 1865 in Birmingham, Great Britain with its headquarter in London, United Kingdom. The banks business encompasses the traditional bank duties of personal finance and commercial banking, consumer finance, private banking, corporate and investment banking. The bank’s industry of focus are the Financial and Insurance industries with its key product being Financial services. The bank is a subsidiary of HSBC Holdings PLC and it has an employee base of 85,000.

What to consider while opening a bank account

Choosing a bank to trust your money with is another important financial decision that should not be taken lightly. Most people fail to realize the benefits that can be achieved simply from trusting your finances with a particular bank. People can tap into the benefits banks can offer simply by doing a thorough research on the bank options that are available and making the right choices that provides the best options that fit their needs. Unfortunately, only a few people realize this and so they open accounts with just any bank without proper research. Some individuals also fail to plan and write out an objective as to what they are looking to achieve with the bank account. And as a popular saying goes, failure to plan is planning to fail.

This article would help you realize factors you should consider before settling with a bank. We would help you realize the potential benefits you stand to gain when you choose the right bank from the cloud of banks available in the market today. To get the best result from this article, I would request you interact with the questions asked here and you give honest answers. Your answers would give you a clearer picture of your goals and set objectives and also help in making the right decision.

And so we start with the objectives, what do you seek to get the bank account you wish to open. A good understanding of your goals and objectives would help you filter out the right bank from the wide ranges of options available in the market today.

  1. Do you need an account where you can save some money for future considerations or for your business needs?
  2. Are you one that travels all over the world for business and you need an account that would enable you to make financial transactions even when overseas?
  3. Are you someone who does a lot of financial transactions daily?
  4. What is the maximum amount you are willing to use in opening an account if necessary?

Depending on your financial goals, you may also have some additional questions in order to meet your finance plans. Ensure you answer these questions well before setting out to find a bank that would suit those needs.

Once those questions have been answered, next thing to do is to get information on the banks available near you. We strongly advise you choose a bank that has a branch close to where you live most of the time. Other than the location, here are other requirements you need to watch out for:

  1. What is the minimum COT on the account (that is how much is the minimum balance one can have on the account at any time)?
  2. For a savings account, how much is the interest rate on money saved? Interest is the amount a bank would give back to you for using your money in performing other business transactions. Hence, interest rate is the percentage increase that the bank is willing to offer. Bank interest rates vary, make sure you choose the one with the highest rates.
  3. What are the charges on services offered? Bank charges you for services such as Debit/Credit card issuance, SMS notifications and the likes. Make sure you have a good understanding on all the charges, so you would not get a surprise debit at any time. Choose the bank account that provides affordable rates.

Top Guide of European Banks

Whatever They Told You About European Banks Is Dead Wrong…And Here’s Why

At the close of the day it’s all tied into the subprime mortgages and bank liquidity. Debt is utilized by the rich nations around the planet to get in contact with the poor nations to be able to access their raw materials for cheaper prices. Long-term industrial debts were involved within this situation that was accumulated in the public sector.

Clearly in Europe, you have to stabilize banks and boost capital requirements. In addition, the banks should discover new techniques to boost revenue, as in practice interest rate rises continue to be a way off. It isn’t gone unnoticed they are all European banks. European banks might have done a ton more sooner. They have been caught in a perfect storm of market turmoil, lately. Pakistani banks will need to figure out ways to offer economical solutions to international traders. They will also have to ensure accuracy of their data in order to ensure compliance regulations.

If banks must accept screen-scraping, then PSD2 won’t ever fly the way it was intended. If their investment banks cannot pay their way under the present rules, it’s the banks that have to change, not the regulations. Europe’s investment banks are inclined to be smaller.

The Chronicles of European Banks

Nowadays lots of people argue that these sorts of rules have a tendency to strangle private industry and cause it to be more difficult for American businesses to compete with foreign businesses. So it is not very enjoyable to be a European bank at the present time whatsoever, he explained. Because it is by far the most active time that I recommend to trading during this period frame if you’re a day trader. In terms of clients, the demand for a European banking champion is not easy to see. From this info it is simple to understand that there is no need to spend 24 hours every day waiting for trading opportunity facing your charts. Likely forward, it’s likely to be less difficult to make money since you’re not likely to get the drag from problem credits that you’ve had. It will produce more costs for banks.

A small private sector emerged. The industry is experiencing a great deal of changes on account of the new attention to consumer advocacy regarding free charge card trials. Neither company appears sustainable. It simply doesn’t work like that inside this company. Falling crude oil prices are hurting the work of energy businesses, which then affects their capacity to settle loans. Companies are more prepared to acquire other people to avoid being acquired themselves. Each corporation might scan the exact same places, but for different factors.

Sometimes even currencies are devalued. Augmented trading utilizing machine learning or AI will develop into the new normal, states Alphabet’s CEO. In both of those instances, what’s interesting is–and it’s true in a great deal of emerging markets–you’ve got lots of state-owned banks, and then you’ve got some personal banks. To begin with, investors are guarding against the higher probability of a worldwide recession. Investors who’ve been keeping a watch on European companies’ earnings have never been disappointed by banks up to now. Another hedge has been to purchase the Norwegian krona.

The Hidden Truth About Online Banking Revealed

Opting to purchase flight tickets online provides you with the freedom to compare costs of unique airlines and choose on the most exhaustive offer that you could get at the lowest cost. Having a web-based account may get you higher rates of interest on your hard-earned money plus the extra convenience of doing your banking online. Instead of going down to the local branch office once you bank on the internet you can accomplish numerous tasks simultaneously with the click of a button. The procedure for booking air tickets on the internet is simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. Doing your banking on the internet is very handy and secure today. It is getting increasingly hard to prevent banking online, meaning you’ll eventually must get used to doing some of your financial work online.

The End of Online Banking

Popular mobile banking applications provide several useful characteristics and functions that are easy to access and navigate. The largest benefit of earning online bookings is you do not need to wait in queues for your chance. Another important advantage of earning online purchase is you may do it from your house. The advantages or advantages of Internet banking are however, not confined to a certain group of individuals. Because of this, many banking and finance organizations have produced the notion of Internet banking or internet banking. Financial institutions particularly have lots of checkpoints which make it virtually impossible for somebody to grab your credentials. These days, many banking institutions provided each of their services on the Internet.

Internet banking is a rather significant part our new international economy. It is arguably the fastest method of paying all kind of bills. While banking on the Internet, make sure the banking session is secure.

Possibly the very first situation to consider with internet banking is the convenience. It has also been on the rise. With the advent of the Internet, it has gained immense popularity. It allows you to manage your finances quickly and more efficiently. On these days, lots of people opt for internet banking as their preferred approach to handling their bank accounts.

Banking has not ever been simpler than it is today. Actually, online banking could be safer than traditional banking. It allows you to bank when you can, rather than within office hours.

On-line banking can really HELP keep you safer, IF you observe simple security tips. It has been around for quite a few years. Additionally, it is dependent on a reliable internet connection. It can be a wonderful timesaver. It was introduced a very long time ago, and since then, there has been no looking back. It is a wonderful facility that can save us time and make our life simpler.

How to Find Online Banking on the Web

You would need to get in touch with your bank, discuss what happened and potentially wait a lengthy time period for the money back. Some banks require customers to offer some kind of photo identification as well as signing a kind at one of their branches. They offer good services to attract the customers. On-line banks have less expenses than the local bank which is the reason why they may give you higher rates of interest on your money. You only need to choose an excellent on-line bank that has the services that you will need and wish for.