Four Low-Cost Online Business Opportunities

Low Cost Online Business

Oh, who of us hasn’t dreamt of investing in Apple in the 80s. Or at least the 90s.Or whenever! Life would be so much simpler.

Instead, you have to work in your day job, or build your own business.

That’s why today we want to encourage you to become a little bit more proactive. To start looking for opportunities and grabbing them.

Start a Freelance Business

Entrepreneurs hate examples of businesses where you exchange time for money. But you must start somewhere. And what if it’s really, really good money for doing something already know how to do?

You can find dozens of sites online with job ads specifically looking for a remote worker. At first the pay may not be spectacular, but if you get good at your craft and keep a good work ethic, you may be earning thousands of dollars every month.

Affiliate Marketing

social casinos Facebook SearchThe traditional way of going into the affiliate marketing is sticking to something you already know. Potential problems may be caused by a dying out trend.

Instead, you can go extremely deep into a niche (spearfishing gear), or jump on a rising trend. This might be something like a social casino affiliation. Facebook/mobile casinos have been blowing up, and collecting some nice profits.

Though low cost, it requires some effort. But then only sky’s the limit.

Garage sales to eBay

If you haven’t heard who Gary Vaynerchuk is, google him.

Gary Vaynerchuk Google Search

In any case, he’s been encouraging everyone to stop overthinking stuff and get on it. As a prime example, he films himself going to garages sales, picking stuff up on the cheap and then 3x-ing it on eBay and Craigslist.

If you’re interested, join his challenge and see how much you can make over a weekend.


Remarkably, now everyone can start an online shop. No need to have piles of products stored in your basement.

The learning curve is a bit steeper than selling stuff on eBay but the scaling potential is amazing.

If you are not if a huge rush to make money, you can find a million of free resources on how to start making money via dropshipping.

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