Playing Slots Make you Money (No, Seriously)

Slots Make Money

I know, it’s a big promise. But hear me out.

In its basic form, pull-spin-repeat, slots are one of the worst ways to play IF you have any hope of winning. It may be decent type of entertainment, but it is hardly an investment.

But for someone meticulous, patient, and careful, there is a way of making money on slots. A lot of money.

Negative for All or for Everyone Else

There is some confusion regarding the expectation you should have playing slots. It is true that slots is a negative expectation game. Every slot machine you play is required to give a percentage of what it gets back. But it’s not 100 percent. Usually, it’s not even 95 percent on the online slots. On brick-and-mortar slots it’s even lower.

Which means that no matter what your bankroll says, theoretically you lose with every spin.

But that’s it. It’s theoretical. Just because it’s negative expectation for everyone else, doesn’t mean it must be negative expectation for you.

You CAN be careful. You CAN use various special offers. You CAN leave while you’re up.

How do you do it?

Play for Free, Take the Money, Move On

Play for Free slotsIf you play for a long time, you will lose. That’s just how it is.

So, you can win if you make your sessions short. You win by thinking about it and by setting limits on your every action.

  1. You only use free spins and no deposit bonuses.
  2. If you are up $100 (set your own amount), you leave before you hit a downswing.
  3. If free spins don’t produce anything, you don’t take it to heart and move to another bonus.

For example, you join a casino. Use their promo code or special link (whatever they have) and get yourself some kind of a free bonus.

You play not to try games or relax.

You play to withdraw.

If you must play the bonus 15 times. Fine. Do it. If you’re up by then, you make a deposit (you will be required to), withdraw and move on to the next casino.

You may not become a millionaire this way (who knows?), but it you want to learn how slots work and build a small bankroll for yourself, it’s a pretty safe way to do that.

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